Friday, June 29, 2012

Frockin' Friday! Apples and Pears Dress

I've made, yet another dress. And I really can't get over how awesome it is to run around in a dress that I made! This particular dress pretty much makes me feel like a pretty princess, and it's just the tops.

I'm having the hardest time taking pictures outside lately, everything get's so bleached out. I blame it on the sun! 

So I had this plan for a dress, it was a revamp of an old pattern (the original was called "XO" this one is called "XOXO" I'm really quite clever at naming things!) So I got everything cut, and even sew together (in regards to the bodice.)

Aaaaand then I changed my mind!

I even gave it a sweetheart neckline.

I didn't keep it strapless (my sister did veto me adding straps) only because I wasn't quite sure I'd feel comfortable wearing it loads- I had intended this to be an every day summer dress to flounce around the
 house in. Strapless dresses just seem so... fancy! 

But that is my dress update! AndI was going to post about this dress on Wednesday, but I came home and from work that day and decided: Nope! This dress will be a new creation all together! So that's how that happened. 

I'm still working on updating more frequently, things are still crazy here. It's the Earth Bowl Festival tomorrow, which is a fundraiser my super awesome Mom put together, if you're in the Buffalo area you should really check it out! You can read about it here on the NOFANY website! After that my little sister is turning 21, which I guess makes her not so little... Sigh. My job terminates the 10th and I leave on the 11th! I'm just so exited!

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