Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Workin' and Wearin' Wednesday

This dress. I am in love. It's such an amazing feeling to have people complement my dress all the while knowing it's ALL ME, BABY. I have some kinks to work out in the shoulders and sleeves still, but I think I'm getting the hang of it!

(These are also some pretty good shots of my pink and purple hair!)

I goofed on the zipper, so I can't actually pull it over my manikin's shoulders. Oops!

Mmm, wrinkly sleeve.

The zipper was a TOTAL pain! But it was so wonderful to finish because I was like HECK YEAH ZIPPER. Take that! The compliments from my mother and grandmother made everything worth it.

And the pleats! I had so much fun with them.

Totally not dress related, but I made the innards of this locket! Which was a loving gift from my doting grandmother. We had a good time together when I was showing off my dress to her, she regaled me with the tales of her youth and her sewing blunders (because we made the same mistakes!) and just so many wonderful stories.

And truth be told, the internet was acting up something feirce (hence the lateness of this post!) and so, in the mean time I devcided to go cut some fabric for my next dress, and not only did that but sewed the entire bpdice togteher! I might have gotten a bit carried away... C'est la vie!



  1. You didn't goof on the zipper. It's a beautiful zipper - it could just have been a little longer : )