Monday, June 4, 2012

Makin' it Monday: DIY Lucky Penny Sweater Clips

This past weekend, going on into today, was chalk full of wedding anniversaries and birthdays! My uncle's anniversary was the second and my parent's anniversary was yesterday! (Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!!) Yesterday was also Emma's Birthday!! She's one of the best friends I could ever have and truly the raddest of the rad, I'm beyond stoked that we're good ol' kindred spirits- even if we live so far apart now. And it's my oldest sister's birthday today! So many exiting things! I should be eating copious amounts of cake!! Haha, love and congrats to all y'all!

So, birthdays and weddings aside, today's post really all stemmed from Robin giving me her wisdom teeth and me wanting to make sweater clips out of them. She had two whole ones and two that were split in half, cool beans to be had all around. And since I find it a little unlikely that you all have a wide array of baby/wisdom teeth laying around to make sweater clips from, we'll just go with lucky pennies! I happen to have a LARGE collection of lucky pennies that I feel weird about cashing because, well, they're lucky. So I keep them in a skull and always in my boots. Occasionally I go for long walks and leave them laying about for other people to find who need a boost of luck. Is that weird? Oh well. Onwards with the tutorial!

As always, gather the ingredients! 

Earing Bases (I got mine at Joann's)
Pennies, or anything you want really.
Hot glue
Necklace Chain

Plug in your glue gun. Take note, the warning on my glue gun does not say "may burn" no, no. It says "Will Burn." Take heed of these warnings dear readers, for they are so terribly true.

Two and a Half.
Cut down your earings! You don't want them poking you, that'd be just down right irritating. The earing on top is uncut, just for size comparison.

Take your shortened earing bases and carefully place the ends of your chains (which you should cut into your desired sizes prior to this! You can have as many chains as you want really, I have two for this one)  are around the point and touching the base. 

Secure the chains in place with some hot glue. Be careful for your fingers! Make sure that the glue doesn't get too high up the earing, you've got to get the backs of the earrings on!


 Pick out your pennies! I'm always so amazed at how different they all are! And I've got pennies on my hand from the 60's! It always baffles me that some things last so long and have been probably meaninglessly apart of so many different lives and discarded without thought. Golly.

Attach your chosen pennies with some hot glue.

Viola! You have a sweater clip that will bring you buckets of luck! Of course I didn't have a cardigan on hand because that would be too logical, but I still think it looks sweet!

And with that, I leave you!

Love and Lots of Luck xo

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