Thursday, June 7, 2012

Then Things Thursday: Summer Bucket List!

Summer is right around the corner! I'm so exited! So for this week's post I came up with a short little bucket list for before the summer ends.

1. Go somewhere I've never been before! Georgia  and California are looking to be top of the list so far!
2. Wiggle my toes in the ocean water. I may live on the East Coast, in a state that touches the ocean, but I'm about 8 hours (!!!) away from it! It makes me a little sad. So it is my mission to get me to an ocean side beach!
3. Learn how to use all the camera's I've found! While looking for a certain controller for the SNES, I stumbled upon TWO cameras! One is a Nikon FE2 (with three different lenses!) And the other is a Ricoh Infomatic ST. I'm so exited!
4. Have a picnic under a tree (no explanation needed, right?)
5. Go camping!! (Totally doing that TOMORROW!!)
6. Start playing Piano again. Some of the residents at work have been playing the piano there and it's made me long for the days when I could actually play, so back at it go!
7. Get my Driver's License. (Eek! Well, this is more of a thing to do before my birthday, I'm turning 23...)
8. Actually get the projects I have planned out in the open! (soon!!)
9. Finish my summer reading list. My mom's been giving me other good books to read too! So much reading!
10. Last but not least, Sleep under the stars. No tent, no nothin'. Just me, and a sleeping bag and the open night sky.

There are a few more, but then not only would I not have ten, the rest are super secret! Full of plot twists and unexpected endings (which only lead to new beginnings!!)

Adventures Await! xo

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