Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Mondays: More Listener, plus adventure photos!

I can't get over my love for this band. And I figured I'd share my favorite song while I was slacking on a Makin' it Monday post. TO BE FAIR, I was running around wild and barefoot in the mountains all weekend. Do you want to see pictures? Of course you do, that was a silly question. Here's the digital records of my adventurous escapades!

I fell in love with Zoe (the dog most visible here) Also, this is Robin and Jim! The dog you can't see is named Kaiser. He's a huge German Shepard whose really the biggest baby I've ever seen. Adorable.

Everything was so beautiful and green!

We founds bear tracks. And saw snakes, and a wild turkey!
 I didn't gain any proof of their existence though.

This is the gas line, that we climbed- it was so high up! you could get back to camp from here, but we took the wrong ways. (Seriously, we got so lost.)

Itty-Bitty Moth hiding in the bark!

So pretty! I can't get over how stunning and gorgeous everything was.

I used my girl scout skills to make a fire!

The horse on top is Tucker, and the one below is Dakota- they were both so awesome and beautiful.

This is Robin by the way, she's the tops!

Probably my most favorite picture of the weekend.

Our tent zipper was broken, but look at what I got to wake up to!

So, what is it about Butterflies and Poop? Seriously, we encountered swarms of butterflies around poop on several occasions. It made me wonder.

In any case, I returned home and now it's back to the routine of living. I am back in dresses which is lovely, but I'm craving the outdoors even more, I'm sensing a gratuitous amount of adventures in my future. 

Love and Freedom Soaked Kisses xo

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