Friday, June 1, 2012

Finally, Frockin' Friday!

He he! ANYWAYS. I got this  cute lil' yellow dress while I was in the big ol' NYC. It's got the most darling sleeves, and it has the sweetest white flowers with navy-blue centers on, which is swell because I have some navy tights I can totally wear with it too! Yeah! And I may or may not have some newly gold-glittered Mary Janes that I can wear for shoes.... But all that aside! These were all taken by the super wonderful and lovely Robin!  I've added her Flickr and Etsy to the side bar under Oh, The places you'll go! I will lavish her with love from my blog! 

SO. Here's a really awkward one first, just to remind you guys that I'm quite weird and very photo-shy. Which is something I'm really working on! One day, I promise! I do regularly make that face/hand combo, however.

I love those boots so gosh-darn much! They were an etsy find, and they fit perfectly! 
Also, that backpack.
It has lasted me so through so many travels and moving hundreds of miles! I plan on it lasting me thousands more! With the month of June approaching, I have some camping planned out with Robin! I'm pretty exited! I really love the smell of the woods in the morning. Mmmmmm.

Love and Day Dreams of Adventures xo

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