Monday, June 18, 2012

Thriftin' Tuesday!

One day, I will have multiple how-to's and DIY posts! Just once everything settles down for a gosh darn minute! But in anycase, these weren't technically thrifted, but I came across them at a yard sale as I adventured to the local coffee shop so I could get a needed caffeine fix. I of course got tea cups, and a tea pot. And another ceramic container!

But isn't this tea pot just perfect? I swooned a bit upon sighting it. I now make my tea downstairs and have tea parties with myself in my room as I work now, an abundance of tea contained within this pot!

And these cups! They're so beautiful! I love the strawberries and gold accents on the rum and handle.

I'm hiding my special secrets in this here container, it's just so awesome!

So wonderful. 
But! Tomorrow!
 I'm going to blog about the dress I most recently made, and am so totally in love with

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