Friday, June 29, 2012

Frockin' Friday! Apples and Pears Dress

I've made, yet another dress. And I really can't get over how awesome it is to run around in a dress that I made! This particular dress pretty much makes me feel like a pretty princess, and it's just the tops.

I'm having the hardest time taking pictures outside lately, everything get's so bleached out. I blame it on the sun! 

So I had this plan for a dress, it was a revamp of an old pattern (the original was called "XO" this one is called "XOXO" I'm really quite clever at naming things!) So I got everything cut, and even sew together (in regards to the bodice.)

Aaaaand then I changed my mind!

I even gave it a sweetheart neckline.

I didn't keep it strapless (my sister did veto me adding straps) only because I wasn't quite sure I'd feel comfortable wearing it loads- I had intended this to be an every day summer dress to flounce around the
 house in. Strapless dresses just seem so... fancy! 

But that is my dress update! AndI was going to post about this dress on Wednesday, but I came home and from work that day and decided: Nope! This dress will be a new creation all together! So that's how that happened. 

I'm still working on updating more frequently, things are still crazy here. It's the Earth Bowl Festival tomorrow, which is a fundraiser my super awesome Mom put together, if you're in the Buffalo area you should really check it out! You can read about it here on the NOFANY website! After that my little sister is turning 21, which I guess makes her not so little... Sigh. My job terminates the 10th and I leave on the 11th! I'm just so exited!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

How-Tuesday: Hold Yer Hoops!

Does anyone remember that, from like high school? Gettin' all sassy and shouting "GIRL, HOLD MY HOOPS." My friend Alexander was the best at it, laughter constantly ensued. But anyways, I made this earing holder out of an embroidery hoop and some lace! And well, Hot Glue. 

Cut your lace so it fits within the hoop, with some over the edges so you know there's enough to be secured!

Hot glue the lace to the outer edge of the hoop, making sure the lace doesn't pull weird- otherwise it'll look all wonky when you're done.

Slide the outer hoop on over your lacy endeavor and there you have it! 
One beautiful earing holder!

To try it out, I added some of my earings! 
(Which are for sale here!)

And so ends my two day lace frenzied posts. I did make some earrings with lace out of some more of Robin's teeth! I'll have to take pictures of them next time I see her, which will be this Friday! I am so exited! I also get to go on adventures in two weeks! (and one day!) 

In other news, regarding two weeks, I've handed in my notice for my 9-5 job. It's so liberating, but a little stressing as well in the mean time. I really did love where I worked, but at the end of the day I really could not stand my job. Conflicting feelings are a terrible thing. When it came down to it, I need less of a life-consuming and stressful job- it's really my goal to get my shop going full swing by fall and there's no way I could balance working there and at home without something having to give. So, here's to new adventures and grand plans! 

This quote/tattoo has been in the back of my mind for a hot minute now, and would always become increasingly prevalent when the idea of quitting crossed my mind. And it's done by a shop in Atlanta! Oh how things work out! 

Love and Adventurous Kisses xo

Monday, June 25, 2012

Makin' It Monday: Pretty Pots!

Since no one is really a fan of plain ol' terracotta pots (that's a lie, I'm sure there are) I decided to take one and fancy it up a bit with some lace! It's super simple and looks so sweet!

All I used for this project was lace, my pot, and mod podge!

I coated the top of the pot with mod podge, and carefully placed the lace over it. I did apply pressure to doubly secure the lace to the pot!

I had just enough lace to cover the whole thing. and you can't even see the seam!

And now it's all ready for some planting! I had planted one of my succulents in a cup, which I'm going to transfer on into here (mostly so I can have my cup back...)

And there you have it! Easy as pie, and darn cute to boot! Tomorrow's DIY is lace-centered too, I think it may become a thing- eep!

Love and Lace xo

Saturday, June 23, 2012

So, I did that.

I took a thrifted vintage suitcase, reupholstered it for a DIY on this blog AND THEN PROCEEDED TO MAKE A MATCHING DRESS. From the left over fabric. Because I'm going to Georgia!! In two and a half weeks!

Not going to lie, this dress was a total trouble maker. I was short on fabric (because I reupholstered a suitcase first!) so the skirt's wicked short, and I totally cut one of the sides wrong I'm guessing because one sleeve and one side of the back was all messed up. But in the end, it was full of lessons that I needed to learn (one being I should probably look up just how to make an armhole and a sleeve!) So it was a good thing all around. 

In blog related news, posts may be spotty for the next week or two, but I'm trying to get back to posting five days a week again! Someday soon, I promise!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Workin' and Wearin' Wednesday

This dress. I am in love. It's such an amazing feeling to have people complement my dress all the while knowing it's ALL ME, BABY. I have some kinks to work out in the shoulders and sleeves still, but I think I'm getting the hang of it!

(These are also some pretty good shots of my pink and purple hair!)

I goofed on the zipper, so I can't actually pull it over my manikin's shoulders. Oops!

Mmm, wrinkly sleeve.

The zipper was a TOTAL pain! But it was so wonderful to finish because I was like HECK YEAH ZIPPER. Take that! The compliments from my mother and grandmother made everything worth it.

And the pleats! I had so much fun with them.

Totally not dress related, but I made the innards of this locket! Which was a loving gift from my doting grandmother. We had a good time together when I was showing off my dress to her, she regaled me with the tales of her youth and her sewing blunders (because we made the same mistakes!) and just so many wonderful stories.

And truth be told, the internet was acting up something feirce (hence the lateness of this post!) and so, in the mean time I devcided to go cut some fabric for my next dress, and not only did that but sewed the entire bpdice togteher! I might have gotten a bit carried away... C'est la vie!


Monday, June 18, 2012

Thriftin' Tuesday!

One day, I will have multiple how-to's and DIY posts! Just once everything settles down for a gosh darn minute! But in anycase, these weren't technically thrifted, but I came across them at a yard sale as I adventured to the local coffee shop so I could get a needed caffeine fix. I of course got tea cups, and a tea pot. And another ceramic container!

But isn't this tea pot just perfect? I swooned a bit upon sighting it. I now make my tea downstairs and have tea parties with myself in my room as I work now, an abundance of tea contained within this pot!

And these cups! They're so beautiful! I love the strawberries and gold accents on the rum and handle.

I'm hiding my special secrets in this here container, it's just so awesome!

So wonderful. 
But! Tomorrow!
 I'm going to blog about the dress I most recently made, and am so totally in love with

Makin' It Monday: Wooden Brooches!

It is here I make my return! I've been having a blast making these little wooden brooches from the tree-branch my dad sawed up for me, so I thought I'd share my secrets of making them!

You'll need a glue gun and a pin back, along with whatever you are going to turn into a brooch.


Then you'll want to heat up the glue gun and attach the pin back to which ever side you desire. I choose the side that would have distorted the image more.


So simple! You could be done! If you had something that you weren't going to draw on, naturally!

I did a very basic sketch of what I wanted on the wood with a regular 2b pencil


And then finished it up by inking it with Microns and adding extra shading!


And of course, instagram.


There you have it! All my dark secrets of how I make my brooches! 


Friday, June 15, 2012


Life caught up with me, and has caused a rather heavy and unexpected absence from me! I leave you with love and promises of posts starting again on monday!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workin' Wednesday: Dresses, Necklaces and Commission's!

These are my two new lucky necklaces! The one on the right is for sale on etsy, and the one on the left has been added to my personal collection of necklaces. I'm such a bum! I was worried about the clovers loosing their colour, but I had made sure to press and dry them before pouring the resin, and they haven't lost any colour at all!


All my pretty pretty fabric!

I just bought 5 yards of muslin the other day, and so I've spent my free time pattern making, snipping and sewing! As you can see by the previous two photos, oh well!

And this last one is a commission I finally finished and got all framed and the like! So pretty and fancy!

It's my mission this week to do many drawings and sewing, we shall see how this turns out!


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

How Tuesday: Super Cute Suitcases!

So, I was on A Beautiful Mess's Blog and found the coolest DIY suitcase re-upholstery! Which the link will guide you back to! I've got  the need for adventure tingling in my veins, so making this little project was soothing. Onward to the project!

Step One.
One suitcase with side stitching like this one has. Acquired for the high price of 3.98 (!!!) 
Fabric of choosing
Mod Podge
Brush (to apply Mod Podge)
Good Scissors
Butter Knife, or in my case sculpting tool of unknown name.

Step Two.

Flip your fabric so the wrong side is facing up. Place on suitcase and with pencil trace the area of your suitcase by following the divot along the edge of the suitcase where the seam is.

Step Three. 

Trim you fabric about 1/2 inch away from where you marked it.

Step Four.

Mod Podge the heck outta that there suitcase!

Okay, okay, don't go crazy! Mod Podge a bit at a time laying down your fabric over it and sort of pressing down on your fabric to really secure it. 

Step Five.

Utilize whatever tool you have to tuck in the fabric into the seam. If you want you can secure it even further with some more Mod Podge. 

And there you have it! Super easy and so much fun.
Make sure to let each side completely dry before heading on to the next one! 
I'm pretty exited to go travling with my new suitcase, not gonna even try to lie about that one.

Love and Strawberry Kisses xo

Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Mondays: More Listener, plus adventure photos!

I can't get over my love for this band. And I figured I'd share my favorite song while I was slacking on a Makin' it Monday post. TO BE FAIR, I was running around wild and barefoot in the mountains all weekend. Do you want to see pictures? Of course you do, that was a silly question. Here's the digital records of my adventurous escapades!

I fell in love with Zoe (the dog most visible here) Also, this is Robin and Jim! The dog you can't see is named Kaiser. He's a huge German Shepard whose really the biggest baby I've ever seen. Adorable.

Everything was so beautiful and green!

We founds bear tracks. And saw snakes, and a wild turkey!
 I didn't gain any proof of their existence though.

This is the gas line, that we climbed- it was so high up! you could get back to camp from here, but we took the wrong ways. (Seriously, we got so lost.)

Itty-Bitty Moth hiding in the bark!

So pretty! I can't get over how stunning and gorgeous everything was.

I used my girl scout skills to make a fire!

The horse on top is Tucker, and the one below is Dakota- they were both so awesome and beautiful.

This is Robin by the way, she's the tops!

Probably my most favorite picture of the weekend.

Our tent zipper was broken, but look at what I got to wake up to!

So, what is it about Butterflies and Poop? Seriously, we encountered swarms of butterflies around poop on several occasions. It made me wonder.

In any case, I returned home and now it's back to the routine of living. I am back in dresses which is lovely, but I'm craving the outdoors even more, I'm sensing a gratuitous amount of adventures in my future. 

Love and Freedom Soaked Kisses xo