Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday in the Studio: Tattoo Nonsense!

For some reason I woke up at 5:30 this morning. Since I hadn't really been getting much of anything done due to over sleeping (we're talking 12 hours minimum a day for the past few weeks) I decided to take it as a sign to get my sorry patoot outta bed and get to work! So I finished cranking these bad boys out instead of needlessly dreaming more weird dreams.

I abuse my cups and fill them with water to clean my brushes in.

Heck Yeah Hand Lettering!

This crow almost destroyed me. I can't paint with black to save my life to begin with, and I just kept pulling up every layer that I put down until I just set it aside and wept on the inside. I finished working on my other paintings before going back to it. And instead of painting, I went back in with my Microns and redid all those lines which made EVERYTHING better! They got so washed out and it made me so sad, but when they were once again highly visible I was able to get a hold of myself and continue on with everything!

Alas, I probably won't have any dress updates for a little bit, our home is full of guests at the moment (not that I'm complaining, I'm beyond stoked they're finally here!!) and the sewing room has been converted into a guest room. So unless I can convince my mother to let me haul her sewing machine into my room, I'll just impatiently wait and come up with mew patterns itching to test them out!


Friday, July 27, 2012

Na Na Na Na Batman (dress)!!

Batman, is quite perhaps one of my all time favorite comic book heroes. In fact, my one and only favorite. Well, Hell boy draws a close second but I have yet to find a widely distributed hellboy fabric. Anyways, I was out shopping for a patch for my Kaylee outfit (more on that one later!) and I stumbled upon some wonderful and delightful batman fabric! I was so exited I did a little dance right there in that fabric isle. I scooped up some fabric and quickly returned home to start sewing immediately. Well, after the fabric was washed and dried and I had waited very impatiently for these things to occur. It was a bit more than a challenge, BUT LOOK. 

Isn't it so pretty?

And yes, those are batman stockings I'm wearing.

Everything was lined with more batman fabric!

And the sleeves are adorable puffed sleeves, I couldn't get a decent photo of them at all, alas!

That peter pan collar gave me oodles of trouble, but I was so determined that I just powered through it! 

On the subject of me being nerdy, can you see my new tattoo peaking through from under my sleeve? It's a (super) sexy Orion slave girl, from the original Star Trek. That upper half of my arm is probably going to be turned into a Star Trek half sleeve. Spock is next!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

One finished painting, and so many for sale on etsy!

I'll be scanning it in tonight at some point as well, but for now, this picture will do! I'm not sure how I finished this one before the other, but I suppose I'll get back to finishing it. But you guys and gals should check out my etsy please! I have seven new paintings up and posted, along with two drawings, plus some other goodies! 


Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm back!

After a far too short visit to all the cool cats I know down south, I've returned to a surprisingly warm and wet  New York! I neglected to really take any pictures whatso ever whilst I was adventuring (shame on me, I know!) But I did manage to get some serious sketches done! I did leave them behind, but not before I took some photos of them! So as my first return post, I give you the results of my labor filled vacation! 

But seriously, I was sleeping like 15 hours a day and hanging out with the best cat ever. There was so much of her to loooove!

Anyways! Art!

Too much fun with flowers.

All inked and pretty!

I can't really recall the last thing I sat down and painted. So it's so wonderful to finally do so! I even bought myself some shiny new brushes to celebrate!

She's all nice and inked and waitin' on to be painted.

In other news, I decided to have at a tattoo apprenticeship again! Which took hardly any coaxing, but that's not the point. So I'm re-building my portfolio, and gosh darn it, I will do it right this time! And not find a terrible shop. Most importantly!

And this is finally finished! And so pretty in it's frame. She'll be up for sale on etsy in the next few days!

Well, that's all for today! I hope your past week (and a half!) was just as awesome as mine!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Workin' Wednesday: Roundup!

I have no idea where today went, or yesterday. But I'm not packed yet! I leave at two! Eep! But I wanted to get this post up to you guys before I vanish beyond the Mason Dixon line! So here's a quick round up of some of the projects I've got going on here.

That's a necklace hanger I made for my little sister!

Some plants and bugs in vials

And some drawings that I've been working on!

And I'm off! Adventure Time!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Tuesday: Bee Boots!

I really wanted to make little bee designs for the back of my boots! Because they were just so fancy and all that nonsense.

To start, you'll need some sticker paper (aka: White Full Sheet Labels) scissors, a pencil, pen and an idea! Also, an exacto knife! And some modge-podge glitter glue (just like from this post!)

You're going to want to sketch out your idea so it fits nicely to where you want it to be(e)!

I outlined where I wanted to cut out 

I did not get as fancy as I had originally intended.

Really stick that sucker on where you want it to go.
 You're not going to want anything to leak- so press down really hard!

Apply your coats of glitterglue- it took me about 4 layers.

And then I added some details with black acrylic paint! 

And there you have it folks! It's really pretty darn easy, and adds so much! Now it's back off to packing and cleaning, 'cause I'm leaving in less than a day!!


Monday, July 9, 2012

Makin´ it Monday: Fruit Salad Goodness!

The boots are going to be a how-tuesday post instead, but for now! I start my journey to work (it's really only a 3 mile bike ride down a bike path, not even journey worthy) at 6:30 in the morning, and to be honest- I'm not even awake by the time I arrive. So in an attempt to quickly throw together a good lunch/breakfast/thing I made a super tasty fruit salad!

Without fail there's always Strawberries, Blueberries, Grapes and Baby Spinach in our fridge.

There's no way to prepare blueberries, they're perfect on their own! 
You might want to wash them though.

SO yummy!

That's also the bowl I got from the Earth Bowl Festival which was my mom's brainchild! 
It's a hand made artisan bowl from a local ceramic studio! So awesome!

I'll be more crafty tomorrow, I promise!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Workin' Wednesday, multi-task systems engage!

I've been keeping so busy between work and getting ready for my trip (!!!) along with extraneous life happenings. But through it all I've managed to get some work done!

Gold tipping boots, which will be further mod-ed for a DIY on Tuesday! Keep your eyes peeled for it my lovelies!

Fixing up some sweater clips!

Fun new collections! I've been finding so many cool dead bugs lately! 
And of course, the prettiest flowers 

My new batman dress I'm working on, because I'm the biggest dork on the planet. Speaking of planets, I'm also making a solar system dress! I'll upload pictures of that soon as well!

And I made stickers, YEARS ago, and I just found them! Which has inspired me to make some more (maybe even print some!) and stick them all over town!

That's all for this Wednesday, now I'm off to do some pottery with my Mom!


Monday, July 2, 2012

Makin' it Monday!: DIY earrings!

So this idea came from the lovely Lisa, and I wanted to try it out! It wasn't complicated, minus the fact that I don't understand sculpy baking times and burnt my guys a little... But oh well! 

All you need:

Polymer Clay (I got white so I could draw on it and I didn't have to paint anything)
Earrings and Earring backs (You can get these at any craft store)
and Hot Glue!

Did you know you can burn hot glue? Yep, you totally can.
It smells terrible.

So I made three little guys to start, a hand, a tree branch and a tooth!

But they got pretty toasted. 

So I nixed the brown tooth, and kept the tree branch and the hand. Using a handy-dandy Micron I drew on them to make them pretty!

When I was making the earrings to begin with I pressed the earring base into the clay, to mark where it would be attached and to double check that the base wouldn't show when I finally glued it on.

Secure it with some hot glue!

And there you go, some lovely earrings that take but seconds to assemble! Hopefully one day I'll get better at baking sculpy. Until then! Keep calm and craft on!