Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Workin' Wednesday, multi-task systems engage!

I've been keeping so busy between work and getting ready for my trip (!!!) along with extraneous life happenings. But through it all I've managed to get some work done!

Gold tipping boots, which will be further mod-ed for a DIY on Tuesday! Keep your eyes peeled for it my lovelies!

Fixing up some sweater clips!

Fun new collections! I've been finding so many cool dead bugs lately! 
And of course, the prettiest flowers 

My new batman dress I'm working on, because I'm the biggest dork on the planet. Speaking of planets, I'm also making a solar system dress! I'll upload pictures of that soon as well!

And I made stickers, YEARS ago, and I just found them! Which has inspired me to make some more (maybe even print some!) and stick them all over town!

That's all for this Wednesday, now I'm off to do some pottery with my Mom!


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