Monday, July 2, 2012

Makin' it Monday!: DIY earrings!

So this idea came from the lovely Lisa, and I wanted to try it out! It wasn't complicated, minus the fact that I don't understand sculpy baking times and burnt my guys a little... But oh well! 

All you need:

Polymer Clay (I got white so I could draw on it and I didn't have to paint anything)
Earrings and Earring backs (You can get these at any craft store)
and Hot Glue!

Did you know you can burn hot glue? Yep, you totally can.
It smells terrible.

So I made three little guys to start, a hand, a tree branch and a tooth!

But they got pretty toasted. 

So I nixed the brown tooth, and kept the tree branch and the hand. Using a handy-dandy Micron I drew on them to make them pretty!

When I was making the earrings to begin with I pressed the earring base into the clay, to mark where it would be attached and to double check that the base wouldn't show when I finally glued it on.

Secure it with some hot glue!

And there you go, some lovely earrings that take but seconds to assemble! Hopefully one day I'll get better at baking sculpy. Until then! Keep calm and craft on!


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