Friday, July 27, 2012

Na Na Na Na Batman (dress)!!

Batman, is quite perhaps one of my all time favorite comic book heroes. In fact, my one and only favorite. Well, Hell boy draws a close second but I have yet to find a widely distributed hellboy fabric. Anyways, I was out shopping for a patch for my Kaylee outfit (more on that one later!) and I stumbled upon some wonderful and delightful batman fabric! I was so exited I did a little dance right there in that fabric isle. I scooped up some fabric and quickly returned home to start sewing immediately. Well, after the fabric was washed and dried and I had waited very impatiently for these things to occur. It was a bit more than a challenge, BUT LOOK. 

Isn't it so pretty?

And yes, those are batman stockings I'm wearing.

Everything was lined with more batman fabric!

And the sleeves are adorable puffed sleeves, I couldn't get a decent photo of them at all, alas!

That peter pan collar gave me oodles of trouble, but I was so determined that I just powered through it! 

On the subject of me being nerdy, can you see my new tattoo peaking through from under my sleeve? It's a (super) sexy Orion slave girl, from the original Star Trek. That upper half of my arm is probably going to be turned into a Star Trek half sleeve. Spock is next!