Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Workin' Wednesday: Dresses, Necklaces and Commission's!

These are my two new lucky necklaces! The one on the right is for sale on etsy, and the one on the left has been added to my personal collection of necklaces. I'm such a bum! I was worried about the clovers loosing their colour, but I had made sure to press and dry them before pouring the resin, and they haven't lost any colour at all!


All my pretty pretty fabric!

I just bought 5 yards of muslin the other day, and so I've spent my free time pattern making, snipping and sewing! As you can see by the previous two photos, oh well!

And this last one is a commission I finally finished and got all framed and the like! So pretty and fancy!

It's my mission this week to do many drawings and sewing, we shall see how this turns out!


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