Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thriftin' Tuesday: Awesome mugs and even a frame!

Today was one of those really awesome days that started off with peach pancakes topped with strawberries, bananas and strawberry syrup. I got to pour the batter, so I made (among other things) the triforce, an octopus, a kitty, a fish- even the letter D. Afterwards,  I adventured to the Salvation Army with my boyfriend! Truthfully, I spent many a good few hours when I was younger toiling in the back of a Salvation Army color sorting and putting away things. I must say, those were good times. And it's always exiting to go back because there's something new every time! Here are my spoils for the day:

 I just cannot get enough of these guys! 

So cute. And this guy down here? Just plain awesome.

This here 3x4.5 frame? Was a whopping 99 cents. 

And so concludes this Thriftin' Tuesday post!

Love and Octopus-shaped-pancakes Kisses

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