Monday, May 14, 2012

Makin' it Monday: The classic failed omelet.

I can't make an omelet to save my gosh darn life. So here's the how to on how to make my rather tasty scramble as it were!

Step one.

Gather Ingrediants! My standard? 
Onion, tomatoes, something green, some kind of mushroom and two eggs.

Step two.

Beat the eggs like it's no body's business!

Step three. 
Slice and dice all them ingredients!

Slice up what ever green leafy goodness you got

I just took a small portion of the mushroom, and then diced it itty bitty!

I only took a sliver of the onions, they're so tasty, but they make me cry!

Step four.

Mix all ingrediants together, then pour!

so pretty.

Here I tried covering it for an even cook!

It didn't work.

 So it always ends up a big mess. And I have to spoon it out of the skillet, but throw some sriracha sauce on it, and gosh golly is it to die for!


And now for some heavy ska listening and more drawing!

Love and Strawberry Kisses xo

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