Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ten Things Thursday: Movie Edition!

These are my top ten, all time favorite movies (excluding the movies of my youth) which have just the right amount of sadness balanced with some brilliant joy.


I can never get enough of this movie, it's just so perfect. Also, several of the cast members from Brick (number two on this list!) show up briefly in it! So wonderful.


All things beginning with D. Death, Drugs, Damsels, Distress, Danger. I could go on.


This one and the next are both Wes Anderson movies, and I would like to make mention that I really can't wait for Moonrise kingdom to come out in 4 days! In any case, This is a beautiful movie about three brothers, their mother and the death of their father. 


I might be watching this right now.  This movie is based off of very complicated family and all their inner workings! Also, brilliant sound track.


I have a little more than a little thing for the coilour scheme of movies, Ondine nails it. Being a sweet movie to boot, it's got a very special spot in my heart. It's also takes place by the sea, and makes me miss the ocean so. 


""No no, my question. I get to go first. Why in pluperfect health would you pee on a corpse?!"


 This pretty much had me bawling until the very end, which was so perfect and wonderful that it made up for all the heavy sobbing. 


This is my ultimate feel good movie! Also, Amy Addams is one of my favorite actresses. 


I've watched this movie so many times, I don't even need the subtitles to know what's being said. Amelie makes me itch to move to Paris! And work in a cafe. And own a cat. So many things.


This last one is a fantastic movie done by the same director and writer that did Amelie. It's cute and clever and had me giggling to the very end!

And so concludes Ten Things Thursday, movie edition!

Love and Strawberry Kisses xo

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