Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ten Things Thursday: Books!

And more books! Here are Ten lovely books that I've read or am currently reading!

1. Arkham Aslum: Living Hell

Isn't technically a bookbook, but gosh golly do I love it! It took me SO long to track this guy down, no comic book stores or even books stores seemed to have it! But at last, I found it and bought it without a second thought. This graphic novel doesn't actually focus on batman, but the villains! Which I though was pretty interesting. It introduced me to some new ones and focuses on my favorite- Humpty Dumpty. 

2. Greek Romances

I so very much love Greek and Roman mythology and they fuled my Latin-learning-filled highschool years. That aside, look at the cover of it! And the printing date!! Goodness! I found this guy hiding in an old used bookstore in Arcadia, Maine.

3. Neverwhere

I'm pretty much always game for anything Neil Gaiman, this just so happens to be the latest I've read of him! I'm waiting for my little sister to come home so I can read her Graveyard Book (which I totally got her for Christmas because I'm awesome.) It's about a secret and fantastical world under London, full of adventures and betrayals and doors! (You'll get the doors bit when you read it.)

4. We, The Drowned

I'm not going to lie, the cover is why I bought this book. But I love it! I just started it a few weeks ago, and I'm slwoly making my way though it! With work I don't have as much time to read as I'd like, but I've got a long car adventure coming up, so there'll be plenty of time to dig in!

5. Wildwood 

Is written by the lead singer of The Decemberists! And is illustrated by his wife!! 
I'm almost halfway through this, and it is so, so good! Admittedly this is a younger audience geared book, which I'm finding more and more appealing lately- mostly because it's full of actual adventure! Nothing's lost on a drawn out love story. I'm a huge romantic, so that sounds weird to say- but so many books written today focus on the dynamics of a single relationship and that's how you're hooked into reading it, book after book. The actual story is lost on the characters and it's less of an enjoyable read for me. Moving on!

6. The Elenium

 Is really a trilogy filled with Bad-Assery and knights and swords and treasure! I first read The Diamond Throne when I was in 4th grade, because I knew that my Dad had a pretty rad taste in books, on top of that my older sister would always steal his books when she came to visit- so I took that as a sign. That book is now falling apart because it's so loved and over-read. It does have a heavy love story, but to be fair the young and beautiful female love interest spends most of her time trapped in a diamond because she's sick and dying and the protagonist has to go save her! It's really just awesome.

7. The Flowers of Evil

I usually can't read poetry. Something about the way it's written, my brain just cant read and understand it. But there's just something about Baudelaire that clicks with my everything and makes me long to recite this to strangers on the street. It's just so gosh-darn moving! And beautiful to boot! And just the perfect amount of dark.

10. The Invention of Hugo Cabret

This book is half written and half illustrated with loads of amazing pencil drawings! I first saw the movie in theaters and was absolutely blown away! So naturally when working in Barns and Noble, I discovered it was a book and instantly acquired it on my break.

9. The Talisman

Is not a terrifying Stephen King book! I have an over-active imagination that's prevented me from reading or watching anything scary, because it's amazing how quickly I can convince myself that there are zombies and ghosts that are going to find me and kill me. This is another romance lacking book that's full of an amazing journey across america (and the other side) by a little boy trying to save his dying mother. 

10. The Night Circus

When I first saw this book my first thought was "Oh god. Someone wrote the book that I've had in my head all these years. Ohgodohnoohgod." And I was so scared that I would be totally ripping this book off without even having ever read it. And then after months of brooding, I realized I should really get on writing my book and reading this one. They're nothing alike! Aside from both being about a magical circus, naturally. This is such a sweet and whimsical book, I enjoyed reading it so much!

Does this mean I have to read 10 more books by next month? (Maybe!) Better get back to reading then...

Love and Strawberry Kisses xo


  1. You've got a great taste! :D
    Arkham Asylum Living Hell is still missing in my collection and the Night Circus is on my "to read list" too! :D

    1. As do you!! Arkham was such a pain in the butt to find! But so very worth the wait and the searching. And Night Circus was so wonderfully lovely! Even my mom adored it. I highly recommend it!

    2. I'll definitely read it! :)