Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How-Tuesday: Glitter Shoes!

I'm just darn mad about glitter shoes. They're the tops! So after seeing a few DIY glitter shoes on the good ol' internet I decided it was high time that I make my own! I would just like to preface this post by saying this guys take time! Alas, they're a full day/ two day project! But still awesome to have, either way.

These are the first pair of Doc's I've ever owned, they're hand-me-downs which I seem to be quite lucky at getting hand-me-down docs, I have three pairs none of which I've paid for.

 The full list of ingredients:
Shoes, Mod-Podge (matte)
One large cumbersome brush
Glitter (I should hope so!)
Tape, for any place you don't want to paint!
and a bowl that you don't eat from.

I wanted a blue/silver glitter, so I mixed the two together until I got it the colour I wanted!

I made the endevor to tape off my shoe (just one) only once, I figured if I paint for a living, I should be able to paint my shoes no problem! Right?

So I poured some mod-podge into a bowl,  and slowly added my glorious glitter concoction untill I was satisfied with how much glitter was in there. You don't want it to be over-loaded with glitter because it'll be a pain to get on. So when pouring have enough glitter in there to get a good coat on, but not enough to make it cumbersome to use. This is what the first coat looked like!

Here's what the second coat (wet) looked like next to the other one-coat-boot. You can also see the cool design thinger I had going on as well! You want to make sure everything is completely dry before applying the next coat!

To get the tongues! I used a micron to keep my boot open and not touching the tongue at all, I didn't want the boot to somehow seal itself shut. That would be rather unfortunate.

All in all, I did two coats and then a third touch up coat.

The final step is to Mod-podge over the very dry glitter! The boot on the left has gone through the final phase, the one on the right is pure glitter still!

After letting them dry, you can lace these babies up and take them out on the town! Not that our town is very large. Or really exiting. I mean, we do have a coffee shop that I love, but that's neither here nor there. But aren't these the raddest of the rad?! I'm wearing them everywhere I go!

Love and Glitter filled Kisses xo


  1. Hell yeah, these boots are made for glittering! XD
    They look great! <3

    1. Yeah! Haha (: And thank you! I'm wearing them everywherrreee.