Monday, May 28, 2012

Makin'it Monday: Found objects hanger thing!

What are these things really called? I have no idea! But I made one! I was out on a walk and found these two peices of wood, which of course I picked up and threw in my bag, because that's just what I do, and instead of hanging them from my ceiling (which is what I normally do) I decided to make something out of them! I had these old nails laying around since forever ago- they were the nails used to build out house so they're from sometime around the 1830's! How cool?! Anyways, here's how I did it!

These are all the materials I used! 
(minus the glue, really.)

I hammered in my three nails, one was a bit stubborn and required some glue to hold it in there.

And so I went and put some glue down on my wood, and it turned bright purple! This photo doesn't quite do it justice, it was florescent. What is with that?! It was too weird. So I wiped it off, and went for the probably better alternative, hot glue!

After getting that situation all taken care of I carefully attached my Lichen covered wood.

Then I came upon the realization that I needed to hang this bugger up! I wasn't really sure how to go about it anyway proper, so I took some metal thread and thumbtacked it to the back, and while that did work, it would tip forward and nothing would stay on the nails. So that was a bummer, and then I realized I could just but something to prop the wood off of the wall to prevent that from happening, so I stuck on two more thumb tacks, and they worked like a gosh darn charm! 

And that's how I made that! I was so proud of myself, really. I've got a few necklaces hanging from it now, but since my camera is making every single picture of it blurry, you'll just have to to use your imaginations!

I'd also like to give a shout-out to my super rad Dad!
It's memorial day, and while for most people it means parades and super sales- we use it to remember those who've served, and those we've lost. He's gone through two tours in Iraq, and has been proud to serve his country throughout the years. He's truly an amazing man, and I couldn't be more honored and lucky to have him as a father! 

Love and Creative Kisses xo

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