Monday, May 21, 2012

Makin' it Monday: Wish Necklaces!

There's no way I could keep doing food-related monday posts. I was planning them out, and it was going to be filled with pies and cookies and brownies and so many delicious things- but I need to lose weight! So I tried figureing out a good solution, which really just ended up being more DIY posts with the occasional yummy treat. (Plus, everyone who would eat anything I bake happens to be gone for this week!) It's my good friend Emma's Birthday in two weeks, so I've been thinking of presents to make for her and send as a package of awesome. So what better thing than a necklace full of wishes?!

Step one.
Gather your ingredients!
1 small glass vial with closure
1 seed-y dandelion
String, Twine, Chain, anything to use as your necklace chord. 
And a clasp for your necklaces is optional

Step two.
Capture some wishes!

Step three.
Find the middle of your chord.

Step four.
Wrap and secure around vial. If there's no way of getting your chord to stay on proper, you could either hot glue it, or rig a wire through the cork, or what ever closure you have!

 Step five.
Attach to necklace clasp, or knot to close!

And now, you have a necklaces full of wishes too! 

I may have made a few of these, because they're just so fun to make, and so pretty to wear! On a previous excursion I picked up more than a handful of glass vials, and have been trying to figure out things to do with them, so pretty stoked to have a few used. Now I have three different sizes to figure out something for! I see some serious crafting in my near future...

Love and Strawberry Kisses xo

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