Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saturday in the Studio!

I GOT A BIG GIRL CAMERA. So yes, dear readers, there will be a certain lack of instagram photos in my blog, thanks to my new baby. Moving on! I did promise a new blog schedule starting this past monday, with that said I had to work my 9-5 six days this week instead of my usual four (but soon to be five!) When things like that happen, I cope with buying myself a new dress.

 In this case I bought three. 

I do however have ulterior motives when it comes to dress buying! I've been doing my best to buy only handmade clothing , which is becoming a thing for me, and I rather like it. Since I'm trying my darndest to make a plethora of my own dresses, I find that having a sort of model to follow is quite handy. Since I'm allergic to patterns, I can take a dress and look how the sleeve fits together, or how the collar falls, or the waistline even and reconstruct it with some parchment paper and then play around with it and have (maybe a bit too much) fun with it.

 That being said, I've almost come to completion on my latest sewing endeavor, and when I said it may or may not be a dress, I meant may not! It's a cute little romper than I'll be showing off this wednesday! And now for some photos from my new (big girl) camera!

Below is going to get tattooed on my arm! Probably after I finish painting it. It's a fox and a raven!

Things around me always get so messy....

And this guy is no where near new, but he's a favorite! I did this my senior year of high school as a part of my AP Studio Art thesis. I took a see through (yet very dirty) tarp and threw it over Mr. Bones (the resident art room skeleton) and went from there! It's 18x24 and in chalk pastels.

I hope your weekends are full of awesome!

Love and Strawberry Kisses xo


  1. A goof camera is always better than photos from a mobile phone ;) although the instagram thing can be lovely, too!
    Ooooh, I love your future tattoo *____*
    and your working place <3

    1. It's so true! On both accounts! I'm pretty in love with it too, I can't wait for it to be done and on my arm!