Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Dear Reader,

I have been so very absent. I also very much enjoy it when a narrator in a book addresses us, me, everyone as "my dear reader" for complete unknown reasons. But not to stray from the point, I hopped on a bus Monday night on an exiting adventure on down to NYC! It was strange and wonderful being back. I did touristy things and even felt mostly like a tourist. Emma and I blamed this on the fact we were staying in the upper west side, when previously we were both Brooklyn-ites. But together we roamed up and down the city streets, played with puppies, ate so-very-delicious crepes, drank oodles of coffee and really just had a grand old time. 

When I came home my dad had made two additions to my room: another desk and bookshelf. My room seems to be the one where bookshelves, desks and table just seem to end up. Another thing I'm not sure of as to why. So I've spent the past night and a bit of this morning re-arranging everything as to fit everything in. I did have to get clever with where to put my clothes. I'm lacking in a closet and so have just been folding my dresses in a drawer. But no longer! I've found an old rod that came from my days as a sculpture student and managed to balance on the back of  my rather large easel next to my dresser. My bed is tucked behind a bookshelf and a table in the corner of my room, making it feel a bit like a hide-away place where I get to sneak more time for books and day dreams. 

Many of my bosses have equated me with a 5 year old.

ANYWAYS. I have several projects lined up that I'll be working on- including a new blog scheduled that I'll be bombarding you with come Monday! I hope that your week was as wonderful and crazy as mine!

Love and Strawberry Kisses xo

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